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ACES Student Services: Our Warm Welcome

ACES Warm Welcome is our promise

  • to provide you with appealing accommodation in Canada;

  • to make a terrific match with a caring homestay family, and

  • to stay in close contact for the duration of your visit in Canada.

Before departure, ACES will

  • Help you apply for homestay;

  • Send you documents about Canadian culture and the keys to successful experience in homestay.

On arrival and during the period of the homestay, ACES will

  • Provide a formal orientation to prepare you for homestay;

  • Ensure that you are supported as you learn to take public transit, access a health clinic, open a bank account, and so on; 

  • Talk to you during your first month to see how you are adjusting to school and homestay;

  • Help you communicate effectively with your homestay host and resolve difficulties, as required;

  • Meet with you whenever you need to talk;

  • Provide 24-hour support to you, in the event of an emergency.


1. Registration, Placement & Orientation

  • Registration

  • Airport pick up

  • One week orientation

  • 1 day camping

2. Homestay

  • Full Board

  • Half Board

  • B&B 

  • Roomstay 

  • Roomhold (min. 2 weeks)

  • Storage (luggage & belongings only) (min. 2 weeks) 

  • Transportation (Home to school and return) 

  • Special Care Package (in case of sickness/unforeseen status)

3. ACES Custodianship Services

ACES will provide custodianship services for minor students below 18 years of required by Citizen and Immigration Canada for study permits. 

Please contact us for more information and rates

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