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Summer camp

  • 3 weeks of full new experiences, new people, learning English and adventure.

  • Is more than just a school.​

  • Tightly knit community of students who come from around the world. 

Summer Camp
  • Afternoons are filled with events, day trips, visits to sigh​ts, museums, the beach and parks, and fun activities

  • Strong sense of belonging​.

Art camp

  • Perfect for beginners

  • Sketching from imagination

  • Seeing color and life.

  • Still life. Self portrait.Nature

  • Painting materials and techniques

  • ​Expand your horizons and try totally new techniques and materials

Study ​in Canada

High School

As an agent to Atlantic Education International (AEI), we can register international students to 50 High schools in New Brunswick Province.

Benefits from AEI:

  • attractive school fees through AEI

  • wide homestay system

  • freedom to choose AEI homestay or your own outside homestay

  • and more ......



New Brunswick Community College (NBCC), Unviverity of new Brunswick (UNB), Mount Allision University (MTA), Saint Thomas University (STU), University De Moncton (UDM) are participating college and universities in Province of New Brunswick where international students from countries such as Vietnam, India, Philippine and China can apply for Express Study Visa under Study Direct Stream program (SDS). SDS just started on Mar 15 2018, and the existing Canada Express Study program (CES) will be closed on June 30, 2018


Students can benefit​ from:

1. Scotiabank Student GIC

    Program (SSGP) support ​

    from Scotia Bank

2. Students are soon supported

    with free medical care

    program from NB government​

  • New Brunswick Community College

  • University of New Brunswick 

  • St. Thomas University


Work ​in Canada

While Studying

  • As a full-time international student, if you have a study permit, you may work on-campus or off-campus without a work permit.

  • You are allowed to work up to 20 hours per wee​k.

After Graduation

  • Within 90 days, you must apply for a post-graduation work permit in order to work in Canada after your studies

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